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I am a retired professional musician/teacher with an avid interest in the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, especially in an around my hometown of Keyser, WV. I taught for 35 years and also had the pleasue of performing with Bob Hope, Teressa Brewer, Clark Terry, and AnnaMarie Alberghetti. I am married and have two children. Brenna, who is married and lives in Richmond, Va. and Mark, who holds a degree in Psychology and is also a professional musician.

It is my purpose to collect pictures of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad as it functioned between Cumberland, Maryland and Grafton, West Virgina. I hope to preserve a piece of history that is almost totally gone. The only thing remaining in Keyser of a once thriving yard is the the passenger station and one operating tower (Z Tower) I have tried to get permission for all photos used. If I have not done so, please email me and I will remove the picture at once.

The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad completed the line through Keyser, WV to Piedmont, WV on June 10, 1851. Keyser and Piedmont were both active during the Civil War, especially when McNeill's Rangers raided Piedmont.
Keyser is named after William Keyser, a vice president for the B&O railroad.

Me at a Cumberland, MD. Country Club